Report on the work session on 24th March 2021


Albert Ritter, Helmut Grosscurth, Thomas Zimmermann, Nina Crommelin, Heinz Gniostko, Annette Schwer, Bernhard van Welzenes

Preparation of a film project

On March 24, 2021, the ENTE Presidium and the Board Member Nina Crommelin exchanged views with Albert Ritter from ESU - European Showmen Union, Helmut Grosscurth from ECA - European Circus Association and Thomas Zimmermann from EBG about the educational situation of children of occupationally traveling parents in Europe. This discussion served to prepare a film that ENTE will produce in cooperation with the Directorate for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture of the European Commission.

This movie will be shown on the SchoolEducationGateway platform in May 2021.