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Education associations for travelling children thank Bruno Schmelter

On 24th June 2020, showman Bruno Schmelter from Düsseldorf passed away.

Since the foundation of BERiD, the association for education and upbringing of children of occupational travellers in Germany and EFECOT (Brussels), the European association for education of children of occupational travellers, Bruno Schmelter dedicated himself to the education of children of occupational travellers. Actually, from 1986 until 2000 Bruno Schmelter was vice president of EFECOT.

Together with ESU Secretary General, Ulrich Rust, he stood up, so that in the years 1992 and 2002 educational organisations were able to present their topics to parents and education experts at Europe’s biggest amusement industry fair “INTERSCHAU” in Düsseldorf. In 2002, within the frame of Düsseldorf INTERSCHAU EFECOT the “Düsseldorf declaration” was adopted under the leadership of secretary general Ludo Knaepkens and with participation of the minister of education and arts, Gabriele Behler.

Under the chairmanship of Bruno Schmelter the carny association Düsseldorf cooperated closely as a partner in European educational projects, amongst others, with Arnsberg District Government, with Schule im Circus e.V. and EFECOT.

In doing so, Bruno Schmelter proved himself a determined practitioner who effectively supported education projects with his experience, his interest and his humour.

BERiD and ENTE, successive organisations of EFECOT, will hold the memory of Bruno Schmelter in high esteem.

Hanover and Geldermalsen (NL), 1st August 2020

Jürgen Hein President BERiD
Nina Crommelin President ENTE