Study: The situation of circus in the EU Memberstates

Worth Reading

Worth reading

Study: The situation of circus in the EU Memberstates

The study ‘The situation of circus in the EU Memberstates’ was presented at the ECA meeting in the course of the 44th Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. This study was carried out on behalf of the EU Commission and comprises a chapter on the issue ‘School education for circus children in Europe’. The authors of the study involved ENTE in the research process and ENTE’s competence was valued very much.

In conclusion it is stated (on pages 79 and 80) that

– in many EU countries very few or no data is existent on school education for children with parents, who travel occupationally.
– only few EU countries provide special educational offers for this target group.

Amongst other things (on pages 86 and 87 of the study), the EU Commission is advised to:

– establish a forum, where education partners and governments can exchange information and Best Practice examples.
– have ENTE cooperate closely with the EU network EURYDICE, in order to improve the process of sharing information on the educational situation in the various countries with parents and education partners.
– initiate a study on the issue ‘Education of children of occupational travelling parents’.

The member states are advised to:

– fund school projects.